Following are some of the most frequently-asked questions about home watch services and concierge services. Have a question? Send us an email to hello [at] floridacustomhomewatch [dot] com we’ll answer it!

Why do I need a home watch service?

Murphy’s Law states: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” We would add: “And usually at the absolute worst time.” In south Florida, we see damage most commonly from wind, rain, insects, and malfunctioning appliances or utilities. But these are hardly the only causes.

Whenever you are away from your home for an extended period of time, the risk of damage or loss goes up. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Later = more expensive. Any home problem you can catch in its earliest stages will cause less damage and be less expensive to fix than if it’s discovered later. We observe and check so we can alert you to potential problems – and help you address them – as soon as possible.
  • Burglars are very savvy. They know which communities and complexes have high populations of seasonal residents. They know that a home that’s been vacant for a week during the summer is likely to be vacant for multiple weeks…making it a tempting target.
  • Some home insurers require it. The terms of your homeowners insurance policy may require you to engage a home watch service whenever you are away for a certain period of time (typically, two weeks or more). If your policy has this requirement and you do not meet it, your insurer can deny your claim for damage or loss.
  • Neighbors are inexperienced and often unreliable. They’re wonderful people and you like them very much. But neighbors simply don’t have the necessary experience to monitor your home. Even if you were to leave them with a checklist, it’s not reasonable to expect they’d have the time to complete every task. Not to mention, neighbors may have emergencies that impact their ability to watch your home as planned.
  • Our relationships save you time and money. We’ve been in this area since 1985 and have helped lots of homeowners and seasonal residents take care of repairs. Along the way, we’ve built relationships with vendors and service providers. If you need a referral, we have great folks to call on who respond quickly and cost-effectively.

 I have a condo. Why would I need home watch services?

As a condo owner, you share ceilings, floors, walls, utility connections, and more with your fellow owners. If you are away and your water heater leaks or a pipe bursts in your unit and causes damage to another unit or to a common area, you’re responsible. If you are away and your air conditioner fails, you could have a major mold problem within days. Home watch monitors these areas and more, giving you peace of mind.

What if I need something beyond the typical home watch service?

Just ask! Patty Hatcher, owner of Florida Custom Home Watch, is a woman of many talents. She also has countless connections.

  • Need to plan a party or event? Patty can help!
  • Need your Christmas lights put up or taken down? Patty can help!
  • Need to refresh your home’s look – inside or out? Patty can help!
  • Need someone to greet your family and friends at your home when you let them use it while you’re away? Patty can help!
  • Need someone to accept a delivery? Patty can help!

No request is too small or too out-of-scope. If you need something not listed among our Services or on the Custom Quote Request Form, just call Patty at 239-410-5610 or send an email to hello [at] floridacustomhomewatch [dot] com.