Each home watch company bundles and prices its services in its own way. Many offer different pre-configured “levels” of service. Others, like Florida Custom Home Watch, offer a comprehensive “menu” of tasks (see ours here). This gives you great flexibility in choosing which tasks you do – and don’t – want done.

Many times, your home’s square footage will be the most important factor in the fees. This is because larger homes simply take more time to check than smaller ones. Distance may also be a factor, with the company charging for mileage or driving time outside a certain radius. 

The best way to determine fees in regard to your specific home and your specific needs is to request a quote (complete our Custom Quote Request Form or call us at 239-410-5610). 

Florida Custom Home Watch’s fee is $125 per month for Weekly Services for homes in our service area up to 1,800 square feet. This fee covers comprehensive weekly visits assessing your home’s exterior and interior. Additional fees apply for distance, homes larger than 1,800 square feet, one-time tasks, special requests, and concierge services. Compared to the size of your investment in your home, $125 a month (and usually only for a portion of the year) is inexpensive peace of mind.