Concierge and Storm Services

Concierge Services

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in being a homeowner and a part-time resident. Patty Hatcher and Florida Custom Home Watch are here to help! No matter if you need someone to make it easy for you to “lock-and-leave,” put up and take down holiday decorations, or obtain quotes for interior and exterior maintenance and repair, contact Patty for a quote. 

Please note: Concierge Services are not included with weekly services and are quoted separately.

  • Arrival: Grocery shop from list; stock refrigerator and pantry
  • Car: Start and run motor
  • Car: Drive for 10 miles/20 minutes (or a distance/time of your choice)
  • Car: Obtain oil change 
  • Car: Obtain tire rotation
  • Car: Obtain quotes for car transport
  • Cleaning: Obtain quotes
  • Departure: Clean out refrigerator; set irrigation and security light timers; set alarm
  • Exterior: Design and product recommendations to turn lanai into outdoor living/entertaining room
  • Exterior: Obtain repair quotes for damage to pool cage
  • Exterior: Obtain quotes for stucco repair
  • Exterior: Obtain quotes for roof repair
  • Exterior: Obtain quotes for exterior painting
  • Exterior: Obtain quotes for tree trimming/landscape maintenance
  • Exterior: Obtain quotes for lawn mowing
  • Holidays: Put up exterior decorations
  • Holidays: Put up interior decorations
  • Holidays: Take down exterior decorations
  • Holidays: Take down interior decorations
  • Interior: Obtain quotes for interior painting
  • Interior: Stage home for sale (using your own furnishings)
  • Parties: Planning
  • Pool: Obtain quotes for cleaning/maintenance
  • Pool: Obtain quotes for repair
  • Other: Patty is a woman of many talents with a strong network — let her know what you need and she’ll tell you if she can tackle it!

Hurricane/Storm Services

Thank goodness, Lee County is rarely where those infamous Gulf Coast hurricanes come ashore. Even so, we definitely get our share of stormy weather and wind. Florida Custom Home Watch offers the following hurricane/storm services for peace of mind and protection of your property. 

Please note: Hurricane/Storm services are not included in weekly services and are quoted separately.

  • Before: Remove all projectiles from lanai (furniture; grill; etc.); store in garage
  • Before: Turn off water at main valve
  • After: Put lanai furniture, grill, etc. back
  • After: Turn water back on at the main valve
  • After: Check main electrical panel and circuit breakers; reset as needed